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Mindful workshops in harmony with body, mind and nature

embrace your breath

Together with Ameli Neureuther and Moritz Ross from EMBRACE YOUR BREATH, we offer mindfulness workshops for companies and teams and dedicate ourselves to a common mission: the well-being of other people.

Breathwork, meditation, yoga and ice bathing meet the zeitgeist more than ever. Combining the elements into a workshop is obvious. EMBRACE YOUR BREATH, however, goes one step further. Special energy and power flow into every workshop at unique locations. Unexpected. Unforgettable.

“It is not about self-optimisation, but about finding back to the true core. And nowhere is that better than with and in nature. Breathe in the power of the mountains.”

 Since 2020, the founders of EMBRACE YOUR BREATH have been combining these elements and successfully motivating participants in their workshops to leave their comfort zone, turn their focus inwards and forget everyday life for a while.

Ameli and Moritz teach according to the Wim Hof Method by Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof – a way to keep body and mind in their optimal natural state.

“We want to help people to feel again how wonderful they are and how much power they have inside them.”

The holistic workshops take place all year round ideally in nature, but the spirit can also be transported in an urban setting, in your location of choice. The duration is flexible between 90 minutes and 2 days.

The sessions include mental and physical elements such as yoga, Wim Hof breathing, meditation, ice bathing (also possible in summer) and positive affirmation and help to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, find inner balance and recharge energy.

“The feeling of complete acceptance of one’s life, detachment and deep gratitude are often the strong emotions after a session.”

Dedicate your next meeting or team building event to the well-being of your colleagues, staff or leaders. Complement it with an EMBRACE YOUR BREATH workshop.

We are looking forward to your request!


Email: bergatmen@teamseefried-group.com